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 the demon temples

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PostSubject: the demon temples   Tue Dec 02, 2008 10:48 pm

in hell and the world there are 4 temples...3 in hell,1 in the real world,each temple has a sage that gards it,each sage has the power of the temple,and a necklace,if thesahe is kiled,the necklace belongs to the one who killed the saghe,and hasthe powers of that sage

sages can be of any race

necklaces for unpicked sages belong to illidan,and will be given to the ones he picks

temples in hell:

the temple of death: the power of this temple is yet unknown,but it is beleved to be made enrtirely by bone,and the sage has the power to lead those long dead...tho,there is no sahe as of yet

temple of hell: the one n only hell,the sahe here is Miya,but its said to be made for lava and fire comepletly,the sahe would have the power of fire under his\her wing...

teple of shadows: this temple is made from stone,but t5he insides are a mase that can not be solved...walls that apear to be there you can just walk thru,but no one can tell,they look like regular walls,it was nicknamed the temple of lies,the sage there is none,but not only dose the sage get the necklace,but thesage shall get,the lens of truth,and thru it,can see thru the walk thru walls,and seethru the lies that are or are not there

the one in theworld:

Devils Sanctuary: thesage here has no real power,but controls the portal to hells gates,and can manipulate the walls of the temple,as well as create monstersin the image of thesage,thesage is Kuro Tenshi
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the demon temples
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